School & Drill Planning Considerations Guidance Document (HSEM & NHFMO) [August 2020]

We have experienced what will go down as perhaps the most challenging school year in history. We are now planning for the upcoming school year. Where we will be and how and when we will move forward all remain to be seen.

The NH Grades K-12 Back to School Guidance walks district and school staff through several reopening alternatives. It provides science-based guidance around addressing COVID-related safety issues. Reopening is a local decision on which options work best for individual locations and how those options will be implemented. There will be a wide range of implementation plans before we are all done.

The intent of this document is to provide guidance for safety and drill considerations for the upcoming school year.  It will be important to be flexible and adapt past safety and drill considerations based on the individual reopening model for each school. Through additional planning and adaptations, we can accomplish the necessary drills while balancing the health and safety considerations for our students and staff.

Download School & Drill Planning Considerations Guidance Document (PDF)



(Updated and final version August 17, 2020)