Training: Incident Command for Schools (NH FSTEMS) [December 2019]

Each year, minor emergencies to natural disasters impact schools and threaten the safety of staff and students. While not all emergencies require outside assistance, given today’s threats, schools must be prepared to respond in partnership with first responders. Success of this partnership begins well before the event during emergency planning and a common understanding of emergency incident management.

Each school is encouraged to collaborate with local first responders on emergency planning and response, and become familiar with the incident management tool used by first responders, otherwise known as the Incident Command System.

That system provides a standardized and flexible approach allowing all school personnel and first responders to work together using a single set of assumptions, plain language, and procedures.

Training on the Incident Command System is available from FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute, as well as other organizations.

For more information see:

FEMA training site

FEMA Incident Command for Schools (PDF)

Or Contact:

NH Fire Academy and EMS

(603) 223-4200