Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Registration (NH DESC) [June 2022]

Why register AEDs?

It is critical to make AEDs accessible in emergencies and NH state law (RSA 153-A:33) requires owners to register their devices with the Department of Safety within 30 days of acquisition. By registering new devices, it ensures AEDs will be accessible in emergencies and enables our 9-1-1 dispatchers to accurately direct callers to a nearby AED. Learn more about the program by visiting the NH Division of Emergency Services and Communications website.

How to register an AED?

Registering your new AED is simple and convenient online via the PulsePoint website. Visit PulsePoint Registration Page ( to register your AED. Pulse-Point also has an app that allows you to register AEDs easily from your phone as well. Learn more about the PulsePoint app at PulsePoint | Next Generation AED Registry (

Maintaining AED information.

Once an AED is registered via PulsePoint you cannot make changes to the information for that AED registration. You must submit edits to Please put “AED Change” in the email subject line and in the body of the email include the address and serial number for the AED that needs updating.