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The task force report was drafted by the School Safety Preparedness Task Force established by Governor Christopher T. Sununu in March of 2018. The Task Force was charged with the consultation of subject matter experts and members of the public to find areas of agreement regarding steps that move the State forward in improving the safety of New Hampshire’s students while maintaining and improving the core purpose of educational institutions. This section provides updates on the 59 recommendations from the 2018 Task Force Report.

How to Cope with Traumatic Events (JED) [January 2024]

Being exposed to community violence, such as school shootings or other frightening events, can cause trauma for all of us. The dictionary describes trauma as “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.” An event can be distressing, even if you were not there when it happened. How you feel about and respond to traumatic events may differ, but it’s important …

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School Safety Bulletin (NHIAC) [September 2023]

In accordance with recommendations from Governor Sununu’s School Safety Task Force, the New Hampshire Information & Analysis Center (NHIAC) has developed an annual School Safety and Security Bulletin that provides schools with the latest safety and security related information. Resource: Click here to download a copy of the report.

Foundations of Targeted Violence Prevention eLearning Back to School Resources (DHS)[September 2023]

The Foundations of Targeted Violence Prevention eLearning is a one-hour online training developed by the Department of Homeland Security, National Threat Evaluation and Reporting Program Office that empowers faculty, staff, and parents to:-Recognize threats or potentially concerning behaviors-Understand what behaviors may be displayed by a person who is on a pathway to violence-Learn where to …

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Task Force Recommendation Summary

Review all 59 of the Task Force recommendations, view the progress made to complete the recommendations and access available resources.

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Recommendation 1

Recommendation 1: Convene a study group to determine if the implementation of extreme risk protection orders is right for New Hampshire.

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Recommendation 2

Recommendation 2: Convene a study group to examine New Hampshire background checks for the purchase of firearms to determine if changes are needed.

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Recommendation 3

Recommendation 3: Replace 4 of the 10 required emergency egress drills (fire drills) with all-hazards drills, at least one of which should test emergency response to an armed assailant.

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Recommendation 4

Recommendation 4: Improve school culture by expanding social and emotional learning programs in schools at all levels statewide.

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Recommendation 5

Recommendation 5: Develop an age-appropriate school outreach program that educates staff and students on reducing the stigma of mental illness and what to do when someone is in crisis.

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Recommendation 6

Recommendation 6: Increase and promote Mental Health First Aid to school staff, students, and families to provide the school community with the resources to effectively manage a mental health incident.

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