Best Practice Considerations for Armed Assailant Drills in Schools (NASP) [October 2022]

The National Association of School Psychologists, the National Association of School Resource Officers, and Safe and Sound Schools have partnered to provide updated guidance on Best Practice Considerations for Armed Assailant Drills in Schools. The author organizations represent key stakeholders in school safety and crisis planning, preparedness, and implementation. We have expertise and extensive first-hand experience with the most effective approaches to keeping students and staff safe on a daily basis and in crisis situations. We are committed to supporting school communities’ understanding and implementation of best practices related to this work.  

The updated document provides guidance on the important factors that schools must take into account when considering and conducting armed assailant drills. We believe that lockdown is the foundation of all such training and that employing the hierarchy of safety training and education enables schools to effectively equip students and staff with needed skills in an emergency situation while also minimizing physical and psychological risks and maximizing the value of resources used. 

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