Grants Finder Tool (SchoolSafety.Gov) [May 2022]’s Grants Finder Tool helps you find applicable funding opportunities to help keep your school community safe. The tool features a variety of Federally available school safety-specific grants that you can navigate based on school safety topic, award amount, application level of effort, and more. As Federal agencies release school safety funding opportunities and grants throughout the year, the tool will be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect these opportunities.

To get started, take the Grants Finder Tool Quiz to view a list of applicable grants based on your quiz selections. Available grant results will appear as you answer each question. Your results will narrow down as you proceed throughout the quiz to give you the most relevant grant opportunities for your school.

You can also explore all available grant opportunities in the Grants Library. Filter grants based on your needs or use the quick filter links to view grants in frequently searched for categories.

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