Recommendation 23

Recommendation 23: Develop a working group comprised of school leaders to share best practices in school safety and establish mentor relationships between schools.

Lead Agency: Department of Education, Office of Social & Emotional Wellness


  • Department of Education, Office of Social & Emotional Wellness, Bureau of Student Wellness presented at the SRO Conference to both SROs and School Administrators about this concept.
  • Bureau of Student Wellness worked closely with HSEM to explore state-wide training for behavioral intervention teams.
  • Developed a professional communication strategy for professional associations (i.e. Principal’s Association, Teacher’s Association, School Administrator’s Association, etc.).
  • Three regional consultants have been hired and trained. Two more are expected to be hired for the North Country and Lakes Region in summer 2021.
  • Pinkerton, Newfound High School and White Mountains Regional (SAU 36) have received microgrants from the Department of Education to seek training.