Recommendation 24

Recommendation 24: All school staff and students, including part-time staff, full-time staff, contracted staff and services, coaches, bus drivers, and volunteers should receive training to recognize: 1) behavioral warning signs and pre-incident indicators, and 2) the appropriate steps to evaluate the behavior, provide services, and alert appropriate stakeholders. School staff should receive the training during workshop days.

Status: In Progress

Lead Agency: Department of Education

Support Agency: Department of Health and Human Services

Actions: The Department of Education with support from the Department of Health and Human Services shall develop an education/training program to educate all school staff on behavioral warning signs and pre-incident indicators. Results: The DHHS Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) has established a working group to identify next steps.

Next Steps: Awaiting Request for Proposal (RFP) and contract approval.


  • Department of Education created microgrants for schools to seek their own training. Pinkerton, Newfound High School and White Mountains Regional (SAU 36) have received microgrants.