NH Senate Bill 282: Relative to “suicide prevention education in schools.” (NH Senate) [January 2019]


AN ACT relative to suicide prevention education in schools.

SPONSORS: Sen. Bradley, Dist 3; Sen. Birdsell, Dist 19; Sen. Carson, Dist 14; Sen. Chandley, Dist 11; Sen. D’Allesandro, Dist 20; Sen. Dietsch, Dist 9; Sen. Feltes, Dist 15; Sen. Fuller Clark, Dist 21; Sen. Gray, Dist 6; Sen. Hennessey, Dist 5; Sen. Levesque, Dist 12; Sen. Morgan, Dist 23; Sen. Morse, Dist 22; Sen. Sherman, Dist 24; Sen. Ward, Dist 8; Sen. Watters, Dist 4; Rep. M. Smith, Straf. 6; Rep. Marsh, Carr. 8; Rep. Danielson, Hills. 7; Rep. Hennessey, Graf. 1

COMMITTEE: Education and Workforce Development



This bill requires school districts and chartered public schools to:

I.  Develop a policy for preventing, assessing the risk of, and responding to student suicide.

II.  Provide training for faculty, staff, and school volunteers on suicide prevention.

UPDATE: as of 8/2/2019


Link to NH Senate Bill 282