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School Fencing Recommendations Flier (NH HSEM) [July 2024]

According to Hanover Research’s findings on School Fencing, there are several benefits to schools having proper fencing. Fences, as defined in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s K-12 School Security Survey, “are barriers enclosing or bordering a school that are used to prevent entrance, contain people to particular areas, or mark a boundary”. Resource:  Download …

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School Fencing: Benefits and Disadvantages (Hanover Research) [November 2013]

In the following report, Hanover synthesizes research on school fencing to support school district planning for the installation and repair of fencing around school grounds and play areas. The report discusses both the advantages and disadvantages of fencing as a school safety measure and the relative merits of different types of fencing for school campuses.

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Recommendation 52

Recommendation 52: Install a perimeter fence around the school facility or utilize environmental design to prevent unauthorized access to school grounds and to deter criminal activity. Lead Agency: Department of Safety, Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management, School Readiness Office

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