The National 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is here, adding to NH’s robust crisis landscape (NH DHHS) [July 2022]

• New Hampshire is announcing the launch of 988, the new three-digit dialing code that will route callers
to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL). People can call 988 to be connected with trained
counselors that are part of the existing NSPL network.
• 988 is a national system. The 988 call center routes calls by area code, which means that someone calling
from an area code outside of New Hampshire will reach a call center in the area code’s corresponding
• For a response from a New Hampshire provider, regardless of your area code, call or text NH Rapid
Response at 833-710-6477.

New Hampshire’s current crisis response landscape will remain in place.
For a local response every time, contact NH Rapid Response at 1-833-710-6477.

• 988 adds to New Hampshire’s robust crisis response landscape. New Hampshire Rapid Response continues to provide mental health crisis services via phone, text and chat for children, youth and adults who may be experiencing a mental health or co-occurring substance misuse crisis. Rapid Response is available 24/7 365 days/year.
• In addition to the Rapid Response crisis line, mobile crisis teams staffed by New Hampshire’s ten
Community Mental Health Centers across the state are ready to meet people where they are if they have
more intensive needs. As of May, 2022, mobile crisis teams have been deployed 2,840 times.

For a response from a New Hampshire provider, call or text NH Rapid Response at 833-710-6477.

• Over the past several years, the Department has made critical investments in strengthening the mental
health system across the state. We remain focused on implementing New Hampshire’s 10-Year Mental
Health Plan and Children’s System of Care, increasing capacity for inpatient treatment, building more
community-based services, and ensuring that children, youth and adults have access to the behavioral
health supports they need.

Consider 988 an addition to other 3-digit responses such as 911 and 211.

• 988 is one more option for people experiencing a mental health crisis, and does not replace New
Hampshire’s Rapid Response.
• Law enforcement is typically the first responder activated by a 911 call, which may not always be
appropriate for mental health situations. 911 will remain in place for deployment of police, fire and EMS
• 211 will remain a non-emergency number to connect with community resources and The Doorway, New
Hampshire’s substance misuse access point.

Click here to download a comparison graphic of New Hampshire Rapid Response vs. National 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline