Testing Recommendations for Emergency Communications Technologies (NH DESC) [May 2022]

This document was written by the NH Division of Emergency Services & Communications to assist organizations with understanding recommendations for communications technologies. Resource: Download Testing Recommendations for Emergency Communications Technologies

Recommendations for Multi-Line Telephone Systems (NH DESC) [September 2023]

School phones, when being used to place calls to 911, should be able to display accurate address and location information, down to the floor and room level, for the phone that is being used to make the call. A school’s telephone service provider, in conjunction with their Multi Line Telephone System (MLTS) vendor, should be …

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Recommendation 22

Recommendation 22: Ensure that school safety and communications technologies have maintenance and upgrade plans and all technologies not used frequently are tested quarterly.

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Recommendation 37

Recommendation 37: Increase communication capabilities and the interoperability of communication systems to convey information during an emergency to first responders both inside and outside the school. This includes cell phone coverage boosters, radio repeaters, and radio frequency standardization.

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Recommendation 38

Recommendation 38: Ensure all phones are clearly labeled with 9-1-1, or 9-1-1 preceded by the appropriate prefix to dial out to ensure that anyone will be able to reach E911 quickly and efficiently.

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Recommendation 39

Recommendation 39: Grant school staff members explicit authority to contact 9-1-1 directly to ensure that E911 is contacted with speed and efficiency.

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Recommendation 40

Recommendation 40: Ensure classroom phone lines are set up with a unique code (i.e., Direct Inward Dial) and that these codes are recorded in a database shared with E911 so that when a 9-1-1 call is placed, the E911 emergency medical dispatcher will be able to tell exactly which room in the school the call …

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Recommendation 42

Recommendation 42:  Install or issue panic buttons or other communication technology to directly notify first responders of an incident.

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