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Recommendation 19

Recommendation 19: Current blueprints (i.e., floor plans) must be submitted to local law enforcement and the Department of Safety in hardcopy or a commonly used digital format. After the initial submission, updates will be provided in a timely manner when changes are made to a building.

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NH House Bill 123: Relative to “the emergency response plans in schools.” (NH House) [January 2019]

AN ACT relative to emergency response plans in schools. SPONSORS: Rep. Ladd, Graf. 4; Rep. Cordelli, Carr. 4; Rep. Shaw, Hills. 16 COMMITTEE: Education —————————————————————– ANALYSIS This bill requires each school’s emergency response plan to include at least one drill to test emergency response to an armed assailant. 20:1 ¬†Emergency Response Plans. ¬†Amend RSA 189:64, …

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