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Access Control and Secure Vestibule Flier (NH HSEM) [November 2022]

“Effective access control requires that entry to and from a building be controlled.” According to Spicer’s Campus Safety article 11 Components of a Secure School Front Entrance. “Efforts to prevent forced entry and trespass are compromised if secondary points of entry or fire doors are unsecure or easily defeated and not seen.” Read more about …

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Exterior Access Control Flier (NH HSEM) [November 2022]

Preventing unauthorized persons from entering a school facility is vital to protecting those in the school. This flier includes information on electronic access controls, security features and exterior hardware. Resource:  Download the Exterior Access Control flier

Recommendation 51

Recommendation 51: For times other than the beginning and end of the school day when the vast majority of students are entering or exiting the school building(s), establish a single point of entry into the school with a security vestibule, meaning a vestibule with two sets of doors that is used to prevent further access …

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